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All advantages at a glance

Kunen Quality Furniture (KQF) is a Dutch private corporation that was founded out of a need arising from the growth of the Suriname company Kunen Keuken Centrum (KKC).

KKC is a business that specializes in interior construction, and then, in particular the production of a limited number of products at high level. The most important characteristic therefore is that the products are tropic-resistant. KKC has worked years on the development of a balanced product that can withstand the aggressive nature from the humid Suriname climate. Suriname is one of the countries where a combination between high air humidity and high temperatures have a dramatic effect on the many products imported from the West.

Moisture-and mold resistant sheet metal

Melamine sheets in ten solid colors. In this embodiment, the cabinets come in the same color and design both inside and out. Finished with HPL structure or décor on the exposed side. HPL is a kind of laminate about 1 mm thick that is being glued on the outside and front of the cabinets. In this embodiment various colors are available, including wood design or other modern playful motifs.

For detailed information visit the website  www.pfleiderer.com. Of course it is also possible to spray the kitchen in any desirable color, in all RAL colors in high- or silky gloss.

Transport is a surprisingly low cost

Our products are flat packed, transported, shipped and delivered, but are from the same high quality as European cuisines from the higher segment. Flat packed means that the product is delivered as a kit. The buyer can build the product himself or with the help form KQF. Moreover, our products are not made of chipboard but of water resistant MDF.

Ordering spare parts is always possible

Furthermore, the factory in Suriname has the function of maintenance and service company for our clients in the Caribbean. Replacement of defective parts can be realized quickly just like loose parts.

Widely implemented product innovation by thorough research

In Suriname the climate is aggressive. This is caused by the high humidity in combination with the salty environment and high temperatures, which leads to the fact that European and American products maid of lower quality sheet material have a shorter lifespan.

The complaints are among others the swelling of the sheet material and rust stains on RVS equipment. KQF has during many years, exposed many kinds of MDF, hinges and drawer slides to the climate conditions and picked out the best material for the humid and salty tropical environment to be processed.

Know exactly what you pay for!

Each unit of product has its own price. The associated parts and materials such as worksheets, sinks, faucets and lighting each have their value (price) that’s clear in the quote. All prices are from the factory (Suriname/The Netherlands), flat-packed or already set-up minus assembly on location. On request a quotation is made for assembly or training on the job.